I heart Macro...

glass headpin bouquet

about to lose that top front tooth...it's still hanging in there but barely!

Now if I could just get the baby to hold still long enough maybe I could  get a couple of good shots of him too...he's a major busy body these days :)

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studio waterstone

Have a great day!!


I like that your head pins and child match .... I need to get more coordinated...lol
Happy Sunday!
Great pictures and I love the colors of the glass headpins!

Have a great day!
Such sweet shots! Love your helper.
T... said…
nice shots, good looking boy you have
Holly said…
Love the glass headpins, but the smile, even better! I understand only too well about those in perpetual motion - I've got one of those too ;)
Tracey N. said…
Love your headpins and your boy is lovely too. He will have a beautiful smile once that new tooth comes in. We have a bust active 3 year old here, so I know all about the perpetual motion thing!
Kim, USA said…
Very colorful headpin. And love that smile!

I heart Macro

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