I heart Macro...

Here's my macro pic for today and a couple of extra's enjoyed snapping as well...

drift wood

teeny cherries that look like they're blushing :)

Maple leaf

studio waterstone

Click on the I heart Macro button to head over to see what everyone else captured this week. 

Coming up...a sneak peek at my "soup" that Sandi sent me!!!! Wait till you see! I totally love it Sandi, can't wait to get started!


T... said…
very nice, when I read about the blushing cherries it made me smile :)
Great pictures! I love the one where your son is holding the leaf - beautiful colors and nice shot.
Alison said…
Lovely pics! The cherrys really do look like they are blushing!
Holly said…
I love your shots! The cherry one is my favorite, but I do think they're all awesome :)

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