i heart macro...

Yes my macro shot this week is another flower, I wasn't planning on it but when I spotted this coneflower outside my studio doors I grabbed my camera and headed out. I didn't plant it, not sure where it came from but I have a feeling that the explanation from my 6 yr that a bird pooped it out and planted it for us is most likely true :)

I seem to be running behind on everything I'm working on or need to be doing that past several days. Thank you so much for keeping me so busy with etsy orders and orders from the Halloween shop! 

Here's an extra little macro shot of Noah's b day cake after he planted his hand into it...by accident of course :) He had a skating party and he's not very good at stopping yet lol!

studio waterstone

Swing on over and check out all the other macro's by clicking the button AND added bonus there's a giveaway going on!! Check it out!

I'm up to my eyeballs in Halloween beads with at least a full weeks worth more to make just to catch up BUT I have something new I'm working on that I am SOOOOOOOOO excited about (that's TWO new things technically because I still haven't gotten around to showing you the ones from the other day but who's counting, right?) I'll keep you updated!


Patty said…
Beautiful flower!

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