Fresh from the Kiln...

cranberry pink sparkly lentils with 2 olive spacers

LARGE focal witches hat...see the etsy listing for size, its big!

orbit and colorful!

watercolor ruffle discs in pink and these and they're quite large

Ok now for the back story on this ring...this is actually ring number 2, it's part of my Inspired by Nature collection, it's called Seaweed wrap and the reason it's ring number 2 is because ring number 1 got WAY out of control and when it finally came out of the kiln it looked more like something Swamp Thing would wear. 

I'm not much of a "less is more" kinda gal...I love "More is More" 

You know when they say to remove one piece of jewelry before leaving the house if you're not sure if you might be overdoing it? I say ADD one more piece and rock out.

You know when they say to add a "pinch" of salt to something? I tend to add a couple of good "dashes" which is why I have a hard time following recipes thus resulting in over seasoned dishes or cakes that don't rise, whoops! oh well! 

However in the case of this ring I just couldn't seem to stop adding glass. It was madness and I knew I needed to stop but it got to  where I couldn't find a good stopping point and I thought I could pull some Bob Ross juju  out of my hat and totally bring it back from the horrible place it was headed...You know, like when you're watching him paint and you're pretty sure he just totally screwed it up but then the more he keeps messing with it the better it looks and then viola it's a masterpiece? NOPE! Not in my case! 

Pulled it out of the kiln the next day and laughed my butt off :) The colors were fabulous but that's about it. Plus it weighed so much whoever dared to wear it would eventually end up with a Pop-eye arm. 
I'll slump it down or fuse it into something pretty someday instead :)

So here is the Inspired by Nature Seaweed wrap ring pt 2
still bold and beautiful with great coloring but with a tiny bit of a less is more approach...Enjoy! 

All of these new glass pieces can be found in my Etsy Shop. 


They are all very pretty Marianne, I like the ring.
Hey check out my blog there is a surprise for you there!
beth gales said…
I love your work! As always!
Marianna said…
Thank you both so much for the nice comments :)
Tania Covo said…
What gorgeous beads! I love the ruffle discs and the cranberry spacers. I'm off to check your shop!
Cassy said…
All of your creations are beautiful specially the ring. Love it.

Cassy from Country Guitar Lessons
petsmom said…
You know I love all of your stuff!! It's ultra cool and so unique!! I'm like you, more is always better!!! None of that "less is more for me, I'm nearly 6 ft tall and already more." hehehe!! ♥♥♥

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