Etsy lovin'...

*the BSBP or Bead Soupers are out in full force! Check out these wonderful etsy treasuries that are being created...HERE!
*if you are a BSBP and haven't hooked up with us in the Yahoo group you are missing out on lot's of behind the scenes updates and chit we're just a lot of fun to "hang out" with, duh! ;)
*CoffeeMate creamer in Hazelnut! where have you been all my life! Totally has nothing to do with beads or etsy lovin' but really it is most excellent. They didn't even pay me to say that but if they wanna hook a girl up I'm totally down with that. 

Ok onto the Lovin'...



WaterstoneJewelry  ...I'm totally crushing on the crossbody bags


lorelei1141 of BSBP partners from  2 hops ago, she rocks

What's on the agenda for today? Shoes...sadly not for myself though :( Back to school shoes are in order for the boy. 


Heidi said…
I saw those butterfly earrings and had to get a better look - they're amazing! What a surprise to scroll down and see my own necklace :) Thank you for including me!

And I'll be looking for that creamer now, thanks!
Marcie Abney said…
I LOVE Lori's bags! I made the amazing decision to purchase one a while back and I LOVE It! Thanks for sharing your favs!
Marianna said…
Heidi- aren't those earrings great! I am SOOOOOO in love with your necklace!!

Marcie- you lucky gal! I'm ganna save up my pennies for one of Lori's bags, they're gorgeous!
...I am totally addicted to Coffeemate...have you had the new real cream's like crack for your didn't hear this from me....
Great choices! Thank you for adding one of my bags - I'm honored.

Coffee - mmmmmmm

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