Enjoying the lasts...

Enjoying the last weeks of Summer...school is starting in less than 2 weeks :( On the plus side I am excited that I survived homeschooling for the Summer!! Do I get a trophy or award of some sort? I don't know how teachers do it! The big boy will be in school all day and I'll be wrangling the baby boy all on my own and making good use of nap times getting work done :)

on the down side, I'm not looking forward to adjusting our schedules and getting into the  new routine. I hate change but I know after the first week or so we'll have a groove going and it'll be all good...until soccer starts...

Summer flew by in an instant it seems...I'm not ready to put away the flip flops, store away the kiddie pool and outdoor toys just yet though...I'm squeezing as much out of Summer  while I can. I'll be the geek wearing shorts and sandals in October freezing my butt off...ok probably not, but I will be in denial about the looooooooong, cold Winter months to come...

and my little man who refuses to keep socks or shoes on is going to definitely protest about saying good bye to his barefoot days :)

What are you looking forward to the most about Fall? 

What books, movies or events do you have planned or look forward to in the cooler and colder months to come?

and if you live where it's tropical, warm or mild all year round then you are banned from leaving me a comment unless it's to invite me to come stay with you until Spring ;) Just kidding!! 

Hope you are having a wonderful day! I have about 500 beads to make (ok not really but it's A LOT) and then I'm thinking of making another ring, some puffy hearts and few other ideas I've been sketching and playing around with in my head.

PS. See what I mean about the baby not sitting still long enough for me to get good pictures? lol! Unless it's to eat, then I've got  the little piggy's full attention :)


I have to say I can't wait for fall myself...these kids are driving me crazy....I love the breezy days and cool nights and all the tree color and of coure HALLOWEEN!!!! It's my favorite time of year!!!
Cindy said…
Hello Marianna! I really enjoyed your post... it seems like yesterday that my youngest was the age of your baby...maybe they are a little over a year apart? What a fun age! Two of my boys start school on Monday! Yikes. I'm not really ready. I'm like you - I'm enjoying the lazy days, flip flops, and not looking forward to the new routine. We'll get by one day at a time! :-)
Marianna said…
Patty I will say I too LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween! I can handle Fall ok it's once it gets too cold that makes me not want to leave the house or go outside thus resulting in major cabin fever that I don't handle too well :)

Cindy, I can't believe how fast time goes by! They really grow up way too fast!

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