More color...

a quick little shop update while I work on my second cup of coffee and catch up on emails...

love that yellow!

these are all now available in my etsy can find them HERE

Gotta go! Nap time is over...wanna know how I know? cause my one yr old has learned how to play the recorder *sigh* :)))) cutest thing ever! Also totally love the fact that my almost 6 yr old is watching The Princess Bride for the first time and lovin' it :) Is that not one of the greatest movies ever?

Ok enough chit chat from me for today, I'm itching to get to the torch at some point today to try something new that's been brewing in my brain for a couple of days. I'll give you a hint: Russian...any guesses? 


Amazonite? Charoite? ;)
Marianna said…
Pretty! Pretty!

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