I heart Macro...and birthday cake

My sweet, giggly, blue eyed  baby turned 6 today! ALL day long from the minute I woke up in the wee hours of the morning and couldn't fall back to sleep I kept thinking "ok, 6 yrs ago at this exact moment my water broke or 6 yrs ago at this exact moment I got my epidural and finally 6 yrs ago today at 3:28 pm (on a Sunday also!) I met my sweet baby and  became a mommy for the first time. He has the most silliest, infectious laugh, brightest blue eyes, sweetest voice, calls me his best friend, tells me he loves me more than hippos, or chocolate or peaches or sunshine (or whatever word pops into his head) and he tells me this at least half a dozen times through out the day, every single day. He sings to me, plays pranks on me and tells me I'm beautiful (especially when I have makeup on and wear a dress or skirt he says lol!) every single day. And of course he makes sure to push the limits and test my patience :) But every single night when the house is finally quiet and my mind is winding down, I look at my boys, play back the days events and conversations, smile big and realize I'm one seriously blessed mama...and then I let out a big sigh of relief for surviving another day of motherhood lol!

and have a look at what finally decided to join the party...

It's about time! 

This ones my I Heart Macro submission...wanna see everyone else's? Head over and take a peek (clicky click the button below)

studio waterstone


Your flowers are beautiful! I like the hibiscus and the one under it the best.

Have a great week!
Kristen said…
I have been a terrible blog friend lately so I will be trying to catch up on all your doings tomorrow but I was so happy to stop by today to share this with you because being a Mom to such great kids is awesome.
Give that cutie extra kisses!

Happy Happy Birthday!!! Love the hydrangea they get me everytime!My crabby birthday boy had an ice cream sandwich with a candle in it - he hates cake! Have you ever heard of such a thing???
Laura Twiford said…
You are very blessed indeed! How sweet! He will make someone a very attentive husband some day. Enjoy them, they grow up fast! I love the hibiscus and hrdrangea, lovely shots!
kim said…
The last flower intrigues me--is it a butterfly bush? You sound like a very blessed mom!
Marianna said…
Thanks for all the lovely comments! I do believe it is a butterfly bush but don't hold me to it, I'm not very good with knowing what I'm growing :D

All these sweet comments made my day!

hehe, ice cream sandwich with a candle that made me smile! :)

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