I heart Macro

vintage knitting

studio waterstone

slept like crap, feel like crap,  woke with a headache (no, alcohol was not a factor...which is quite unfortunate really) and now I'm off to drag myself out of my pj's and go get some grub but
I'll have some new things to show you tomorrow...bracelets and earrings this time :)

see ya then!


LOl I was all excited when I saw the thumbnail because I thought they were mushrooms! Bahahaha nope!
I must be hungry too.

Happy Sunday! Feel better.
Love those knitting needles! Nice shot!
Annette said…
Sorry you feel so bad. That's a fantastic photo of knitting needles!
Hope you feel better soon!
kimmykats said…
What a fun picture! Hope by now you are feeling better!
Pretty Things said…
Love the knitting needles -- really creative. All of my knitting needles, well, for the most part, are vintage, too.

I woke up with a headache, too, and I am pretty sure the heat's not helping.
Patty said…
Love that you made this one in greyscale! It's a great shot.
Marianna said…
Thanks everyone!! oooooo this heat sure doesn't help with the headaches and allergies, the humidity is aweful. You're right Lori it was def. a BIG factor.
Liberty Forman said…
Vintage is always wonderful... at least that is what I tell younger people. But this is a cool shot. Kudos.

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