Friday's Etsy Lovin'

Lovin' the more muted, romantic color tones  especially in home decor items...

birdie1 on Etsy
I have many cloches and fake eggs around the house and this one is gorgeous...

These earrings are so simple and the color is stunning, don't you think?

something so romantic about a single flower in a vintage mason jar...

love the unfinished edges, would look so sweet wrapped and tied simply around a little gift...

greys and mustard yellow *heart* could do an entire room in these colors...

just a sweet little reminder when you toss your keys down or to set your jewelry in perhaps...

...and I'm sure I'm not the only one

sweet & romantic paired up with an old pair of cowboy boots this would make a fun little Summer ensemble...

old frames, painted up all fun  and left empty, LOVE this look...

I have an addiction to totes, there's always something to fill them with...maybe my collection of Romantic Homes Magazines :) 

I really, really want a yarn bowl so badly! 

beautiful colors and need for flowers these are gorgeous without them...


and I couldn't resist because these are just too cool...I would totally wear the heck out of these bad boys! and I hardly ever go anywhere where these would be appropriate  but ask me if I care...I'd wear them to the post office, I'd mop the floor in them, I'd probably even sleep in them I LOVE 'em so much, lol !!!

What are you lovin' this week? 


Oh such pretty choices ( I have eggs everywhere as well) : ) Happy Friday!
Marianna said…
I love eggs! I even found some pretty egg soaps at Home Goods a few years ago on clearance and bought as many as I could and no one understands why I won't let them use them to wash their hands lol!

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