Where oh where...

is the time going? Every time I say I'm going to blog more, take more pictures, make more beads, make more jewelry, something else comes up or needs to be done or it was just one of those days and I've run out of steam...I'm finishing up all my Made to Order bead orders this weekend and then I plan to play and create some of the many beads I've been sketching all week that I can't wait to make. 

Am I rambling?...so this little lovey went up in the shop a couple of weeks ago but I just started wearing mine this week and can I just say I LOVE it! It's sweet and pretty and dainty and feminine...

T-ball has been a hoot... five year olds all scrambling to try and catch the ball and get a chance to throw it to 1st or home...it's pretty funny but they're having a blast

I still haven't gotten around to ironing on Noah's name or number on the back of his shirt...I think there's only a couple more games left, can you say Slacker mom! yikes! 

This beauty turned out just as I had planned...love when that happens! I also made earrings to go with it but both sold before I got a chance to list them in the shop...facebook peeps are quick! If you want sneak peeks of items before they hit the shop, mailing list or blog head on over to my facebook page and click "Like"

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend! Happy 4th of July!


Kristen said…
Not a slacker mom at all just busy! And you know what I don't think it matters to him much! Gorgeous bracelet!

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