More Lovin'

Another "Lovin' This week" post ...

I don't cook...or at least I try NOT to :) I enjoy making soups, pastas, snacks and dips, that sort of thing and even  the occasional baking but overall I try not to do it too often lol!  But this dish is so pretty! It could quite possibly inspire me to bake a casserole or two...ok probably not... I'd probably just fill it with beads and set it in my studio, just sayin'

(samandchris on etsy)

and speaking of my aversion to cooking, I'd rather cook than have to go grocery shopping...really, really, really hate grocery stores...but funnily enough I ADORE this sign. 

(kensington gardens apron from Ruche)

I could definitely whip up some mac n cheese in this little number...

(snapped by me)

But  my most favorite thing this week was watching my sweet baby boy celebrate his 1st birthday, smashing his cake and lovin' every minute of it!

What are you lovin' this week?


Pretty Things said…
I love when people do posts like this -- I always find cool new stuff!
Marianna said…
I always mean to do more of these, I have so many things I save and book mark to share and I LOVE it when I find new things to love when I come across posts like this on other blogs too :)

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