The Next Sister is...

and the winner of the next Sisterhood of the Traveling Bead Box is...Lois !!! Yay!! I used random number picker thingy and lucky #9 get's it :) I haven't a clue how to do the screen shot of it, ganna have to figure that one out for future giveaways...Sending you an email right now Lois with all the details about the shipping, etc. ENJOY!!! 

I found Noah watching tv. like this...apparently we don't own any blankets that meet his standards and an empty Huggies box is much cozier lol!  ;)


Congrats to the winner and BHAHAHA mine do this too. When a box comes into the house it is fought over as if it were gold bullion! Then it goes thru the stages of boat, spaceship/car ( when you can put your feet thru it), magic carpet, then blanket...somehow after that it disappears... I can't imagine where??? Happy Monday!
Stepha said…
Congrats Lois!. to make a screenshot ,you hit prt sc button on your upper right hand corner. then hit crt v in a photo editing program. ( I have coral Paint shop pro). :)
Lois Moon said…
Holy moly! I've been following The Box around since it started and finally I get to peak into it. I'll be blogging at my site when I get the box.

Yahoo! Yeah!

--Lois *currently grinning from ear to ear*

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