Winner! Winner! Winner!

My 1000th bloggy giveaway is officially closed and the winner is....Cheryl Roe of BeadRoe!!!

She's still deciding between the bracelet or the earrings so I'll let you know when she decides :)

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and for taking the time to celebrate with me!

(sweet music from my sweet boy)

and because I'm still uploading and editing photos of new pieces I should have ready to go tomorrow I'll post a random pic because it truly bugs me to post to my blog without something to look at ;)


Beadroe said…
So excited to be the winner. What a wonderful gesture. I truly like both pieces but I think I am more of an earring girl. You truly create beautiful pieces of art.
Dragonfly Close said…
Gratz on your lovely winnings!
Kristen said…
So happy for her! Sad for my but thems the breaks! Happy blog a versary!

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