No sleep for the wicked...

I should be sleeping...I'm completely exhausted but not quite sleepy, can't turn my brain off what-so-ever and can't seem to unwind, relax or sit still. Kiddo's are sleeping so no hammering of metal in the studio allowed and I really don't feel like stringing quietly. So it's either repaint my nails or sew. I decided to sew. When I attempted to lay down and relax for a minute this quick little project quickly popped into my head. 

I have several books full of quick and easy projects for baby and a list a mile long of all the things I want to make for the boys...

Plushy, colorful, fun and eco friendly building blocks was on the list...I'm addicted to the fabric scrap bins at Joann's, have I mentioned that addiction before? oh yes, I cannot seem to pass up the unwanted or leftover bits of colorful fabrics and sometimes find a couple of yards for a few bucks, seriously how can you expect me to pass that up?!

Anyhow, some cotton green and brown polka dot fabric from my addiction stash paired up with some cream linen squares and viola! Block #1 is done and partially stuffed and it only took a few minutes! Note to self: pick up more poly fill ASAP!

I think Lucas will have a lot of fun with these! :) A few more blocks to go and I'll see what's next up on my crafty list.

PS. No I don't sew on a teeny tiny sewing machine I just made a really big block. No rhyme or reason and no measuring I just cut one square of fabric to whatever size looked good to me and then cut out all the rest the same size for that block. I plan to make all the other blocks in this set all different sizes, seems like it'd be more visually interesting to play with OR I'm really lazy and needed an instant gratification project. I won't say which ;)

PPS. Yes I realize it's only like 11pm and I'm usually a major night owl burning the midnight oil but today has felt like the longest day ever and so mentally it's really like 3am for me.
Nighty, Night!


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