Thinking outside the box...

I'm told I should do it more often...think outside the box that is. So for the Blog Party Exchange Challenge that my long time, talented and fun friend Lori organized I did just that :)
My swap partner Tyne sent me this beauty. The whole idea of this swap challenge was for our partners to send us a piece of jewelry that hasn't sold for whatever the reason and for us/me to rip it apart and recreate something new and different. The trouble (for me at least) with this type of challenge is that I actually really loved the necklace how it was. 

 So I sat on it for a couple weeks (not literally, silly!) and then started taking it apart...
dremeled out some extra holes (no turning back now!)  in the beautiful hammered tear drop focal...added some of these bright beauties shown below...

and viola! 

I'm still not 100% sold on the solid strand of pink in the middle, I might tweak that up a bit later but for now I really pretty quite happy with design. So there ya go, I thought outside the box and I didn't even hurt myself :)

Hop on over to Lori's blog post to get the full list of participants and check out the cool changes they did to their pieces. Gorgeous work! 

And next up...Here's Day 10's earrings $15 and heading up in the etsy shop later today.

Happy Friday! Now pass me a latte, I've got work to do ;)

This message is brought to you by the cute bouncing baby...sideways and shrunken down bouncing baby actually, cause I'm too big of a maroon to figure out how to fix this issue *sigh*...but cute none the less :)


Tyne said…
I'm so happy with how that turned out! You did a wonderful job.

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