Ring, Ring, Ring...

If you wants 'em, I has 'em...no really I do...like in every color you can think of. Ok seven colors but still that's a lot of colors to choose from :)
How fun are these?! They're big and chunky and colorful and comfy and fun and only $12 and in my etsy shop and if you use coupon code "GiveThanks" you'll get 10% off your entire order...that's one hell of a run on sentence, no?

pick from black, aqua, azure blue, pink, cz, amethyst and emerald...

antiqued brass, rustic and vintage looking...

fully adjustable and comfortable band...and if you're looking for a total one of a kind (OOAK) I finally, FINALLY! sat down and created a new vintage bits and baubles collage locket ring. God I love making these! Total statement piece and fully functional so you can really load them up with special picture or a lock of hair or any other tiny treasure. 

I love digging through all my vintage bits for just the right pieces and assembling them in a whole new way. This one is also fully adjustable and available in my etsy shop. Don't forget to use the coupon code, enjoy!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

*****This message was brought to you buy the adorable mushed carrots spitting baby ;)******


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