What's Up...

I'll tell ya what's up...up on my roof and in my attic are raccoons! They're tearing everything up, they're worse than teenagers! They don't pay rent, they don't pick up after themselves, they come and go as they please and they stink. Or rather the food that is the bait in the traps stinks but still...stinky!

They're loud and throw parties when I'm not home and sound like a group of clumsy  Riverdancers tap dancing around while I'm trying to sleep.

So I dish out the cash to only "Company" that takes care of these critters and I don't know what I was expecting. Ok, I'll admit I was hoping for a Billy the Exterminator esque crew or at least a guy in some gear and a ladder to assess the situation. Instead I got Homer Simpson look alike in a minivan who just walked around my house chain smoking, sheilding is eyes from the sun and just staring at my roof. He's a nice guy, don't get me wrong but it was a little anti climatic to say the least.

2 weeks later, the traps still empty and the riverdancing continues *sigh*

Thing of it is is I see them and hear them climb down to go foraging for food and they just mosey on by the trap...so they are just not impressed with what's on the menu or the jig is up and they're on to my game.

On a positive and unrelated note: Baby's been sleeping like a champ the last few days!!!! 5+ hours at a time! My brain is starting to unmushify (I'm sure that's a word, right?)  ;)

I think I'll celebrate with a margarita Latte ;)


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