Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In full swing...

School is in full swing! Noah is loving Kindergarten but says he misses me when I have to leave him at school...tugs at my heart...he also says it makes him happy that I wait in the parking lot for him ALL DAY (even though he only goes half day but whatevs)...ummmm, I don't really do that but I don't have the heart to tell him, is that so bad?

I'm even getting pretty good at pick up time! That parking lot is HORRENDOUS! Not even kidding, not even a little bit, wish I was!

It's jam packed with parents parking anywhere and everywhere and if that means blocking in a whole row of legally parked parents so be it, if that means abandoning your car in a pick up lane and making everyone wait on you well then nerds to you! My pick up skillz have profoundly improved already, or so I'd like to think... Yessiree, Yesterday I was all zipping in and out with my boy and all "Let's blow this popsicle stand" however today it could be a whole other ball game and I may have to sit and tweet on my phone for a while and hope that neither of us has to pee. It is what it is *sigh*

Anyways...New things! More new things! I love it when I get to post new things and even better yet, sit undisturbed and create new things!

Purple heishi beads and green turquoise...yum! Earthy, light weight and still bold and bursting with color :)

and when all else fails and I don't get the "undisturbed" portion of my day well then by all means little Lucas comes along for the ride ...

He loves his baby wrap by Lovey Duds  they even send along a dvd showing you how to use it and wear it properly and safely, LOVE it! and no I'm not getting paid to say it however if they'd like to send me a free Fob or something I wouldn't put up a fight or anything, just sayin'...

and yes I realize I am making the goofiest face in this picture that Noah took  but I kinda like it because I can specifically remember thinking while I was standing there posing that I was probably going to up load my pics and find this one of like my knees only or something and I was trying not to laugh :)

and in a totally unrelated topic I've spent the past 4 days trying to decide what I feel like reading next...What are you reading? The new Janet Evanovich Wicked Appetite is out today. I kinda really want it! Diesel, the monkey and a paranormal sci-fy-ish storyline sounds like it could be a goodie.  I could read her Stephanie Plum series over and over and over again I love 'em that much but I've had trouble getting excited about any of her other books. Is this one worth reading yay or nay?

alright, it's almost time for me to go conquer the pick up but first I have to conquer a diaper changing and pack some snacks just in case I don't make it out of the lot for a while :) Wish me luck!

PS. I'm itching for a GIVEAWAY soon! Stay tuned for details, I'm still contemplating what all it will entail but it'll be a good one for sure, I promise! :)


Jacinta said...

LOL@ your son thinking you wait in the car park all day. So cute! That *is* a good idea to beat all the crazies at pick up time though....


Cindy said...

Marianna...I've been through very similar things with one of my sons. He had a very difficult time separating, so I understand. And that carpool pick up thing- it's wild how long it takes to get through those! But both schools that my sons attend have it down to a science..it's just time consuming.
What a sweet picture with the baby! I love that Noah is the one that took it - he did a great job!