Soup Day 4...and more waiting...

Head over to the Bead Soup Party headquarters aka. Lori's Blog to visit today's list of reveals!

The baby wait continues...not sure if I already posted pics of these little cuties but seriously, come on stinkin' cute they're worth looking at again, right? :)

Noah's all about having little brother match him, it's pretty darn cute :)

and so I'm just still waiting patiently (sort of) and snapping away random pictures of things here and there...

and working on lot's of new jewelry pieces of which I still need to upload the pics. I think I might even take some time out today to make myself an "Eclipse" bracelet since I'll probably most likely miss out on seeing the movie for at least a few weeks.

Have a great day!!!


jay anderson said…
Those little shoes are soooo cute! I just wish my kids were young enough to wear them! Happy find! Jay
beth said…
Keep us posted on your big news and here's lots of good wishes heading your way! Enjoy this special time!
Marianna said…
Thank you so much for the well wishes!

I'll def. keep you all up to date on any baby news

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