Gosh I've been going way to long between posting...We've been celebrating birthdays (my dads, mine, my brothers and friends) and the rest of the time has been spent getting ready for baby and working my butt off on filling and shipping orders and lot's of bridal orders. Lot's of fun stuff though so I'm a happy mamma! :)

Bead Soup Party #2 is underway! I once again managed to pack up and forget to snap a teaser pic of the beads I sent off to my partner so I'll have to snag one from her once we do our reveals. Here's a teaser she sent me....

I got them in the mail yesterday and let me tell ya...THEY"RE FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to play and see what I come up with, so much fun!

The weather here was GORGEOUS today. Spent the whole day outside enjoying the sunshine and walking around checking out what's popping up this year...lot's more roses are on the verge of blooming :)
This whole week is looking promising for more beautiful weather, it's going to be hard to concentrate on work but I'll have to take some frequent breaks to sit in the sun and re-energize my creative juices with some good reading and some R & R and picture snapping :)

But for now I'm heading down to the studio to start some much needed spring cleaning of my work table. I'm moving out my old work table and replacing it with a new (old vintage French Prov. piece) one.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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