{Vintage Upcycle}

My bloggy and jewelry designer friend Beth Gales recently posted on her blog about a great way to enjoy vintage clip on earrings...it gave me a "duh" moment seeing as I have gaggles (probably not the correct usage, don't say I didn't warn you if you try to be snazzy and use it a conversation and get strange looks) and oodles of vintage gems that I love to collect and wear...

and I have pierced ears and quite frankly, for me personally, clip on bug me so after reading Beth's post on her quick fix for these clippy style vintage beauties off I went digging around my stash and sure enough I had a big bin of plain flat pad posts and viola now I can wear my earrings longer than a hour without taking them off to rub my lobes =) and now you can too! I've just listed a few in my Etsy shop! Thanks Beth! Be sure to stop by her blog and check out all the rest of her gorgeous wears she does stunning work!


PS. if you don't have pierced ears or prefer clip on style I can convert them to clip style with a new and more comfy style clip back just for you at no extra charge.

Gosh do I love this necklace...vintage upcycle West Germany metal enameled flower pin that I altered with some more vintage bits and don't get me started on the yummy SUPER DUPER loooooooooooong minty green vintage beaded necklace that can be worn a gazillion different ways (ok not really but you can wear it a bunch of different ways and that's kinda like a gazillion, right?) with or without the flower brooch

I think I may go dig out my Easter decor and let it mingle with all my eggs and nests I have scattered around the house and pretend like Spring is here already...fingers crossed that the Weather Channel guy is correct and we'll really reach temps in the 50's soon! eeek! Wouldn't that be divine!?!


Ruthie said…
Congrats on learning a new way to alter the earrings :) I always love learning something new like that!
hometown girl said…
lovely things! have a great week! susan

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