When a broken piece of the past is fixable...Bliss! 

When the face you love the most in the entire universe is get's so serious and grown up looking while trying to do manly things...Bliss!

When another vintage find looks even more fabulous with one of my favorite necklaces and makes me want to doll up and crash a high school prom...Bliss!

Of course I'll behave myself...for now...and maybe save it for oh say 14 more I can wear it when I crash Noah's prom lol!!

PS. the top pair of earrings are available in my My Fred & Ginger shop as well as this shimmy lovey of a dress above...the flower necklace that my Eleanor {yes indeed I did name my dress form...I name them all actually} is wearing is available in on my Website. And the boy...well the boy is mine! ALL MINE! ;)


Beth said…
Love this! All of it :)

*Found your blog through the Bead Soup Party :)

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