Bead Soup, yummy!

It's a whole new crazy does that sound to anyone else? 2010!

Each year is filled with many blessings, ups and downs, laughter and tears and filled to the brim with many memories...but I have to say that by the end of each year I do look forward to a clean start, a fresh new year of possibilities, a new year of dreams, inspirations, adventures...

(google image but I'm not sure exactly where I found this beautiful pictures but I just love it)

and of course new joolz!

My friend Lori is hosting a fun Bead Soup Party! This just sounded like too much fun to pass up...

so many of my dearest friends are scattered around the globe...we've met through blogs, etsy, websites, forums, online groups, facebook etc and as much as we'd like to be able to meet up face to face the Internet is what allows us to peek in on each other's lives daily or weekly so this virtual beading bonanza get together just sounded so perfect to me.

So many great bloggers and designers are participating and many that I have not "met" before so this is going to be so much fun! Have I mentioned how much fun I think this is going to be lol!

Do you have a blog? Wanna participate? contact Lori for details and join in!
My mind is already wandering, thinking about what I plan to include in my swap!
In the mean time I hope you all enjoyed your NYE and New Years Day!


Pretty Things said…
YAY! Glad you're going to join the party!
Beth said…
This is so much fun!
Marianna said…
woohoo! I think my postman has a cute little parcel with my name on it today ladies! Can't wait to play with my soup :)

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