Baby it's Cold Outside...

Are you ready for it? it's freezing...oh ok not really freezing but I'm a wuss :) I've been a super busy mama (THANK YOU!!!!) Fall and Winter shows are upon us and you all have been requesting I start up Christmas and Snowy themed beads and by golly that's exactly what I've been working on... like these snowball beads, just let me know how many you need I've gotten so many requests and orders for them this week, batches of kiln fulls of snowballs :) They really are great though and at only a $1.50 each you'd be surprised at what a sparkly punch these little cuties will pack in your designs. The sugar crystal coating really sparkles! :)
So while I'm keeping warm and toasty in front of that sweet torch of mine I'm also trying to keep up with updates on all the other Pretty Shiny Things I've been working on in the these, coming to etsy later this evening and only 1 pair available probably for a while so get them while you can... if you can't wait for me to list them on etsy then just head on over to the shopped and find them HERE

more on the way! Tomorrow will be a full day of photos uploading and editing...


Anonymous said…
Oh I'm no wear near ready for this cold weather but your snowballs are always so delicious!! I hope you're doing well and life is treating you nicely.

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