Sweet Surprises and Bead Lovin'

Meet the newest addition to our family! Buddy the rescue pup isn't he a cutie pie? He's been with us for a few days now and seems to fit right in. He'll be going for his first vet appt. soon and we'll know more about how old he is and what kind of dog he is. He's definitely a few years old and from what I can tell poodle- schitzu mix maybe. He VERY calm and mellow and love- able. I can never say no to cute faces like this but for the hubby to fall instantly in love with him, that's saying alot lol! Noah's been calling him Buddy and he seems to like it :) We had a super fun beading class out at the boutique today! My friend Angela taught a beaded ring class called Jazz Hands. I've never ever done any seed bead work before but I have to say, now that it was physically taught and shown to me and I actually finished it and am wearing it right now I so in love! It is so much fun!! I thought for sure the band was going to do me in but it was actually the easiest and fastest part. Here's what I made and at this point I was almost done :)
We have a fringed fun bracelet class coming up in August. I'll keep you posted on that class info as I get it but it's gorgeous! I'll post more pictures of that project soon. I have never, ever taken any type of beading class before and I have to say I'm officially addicted. I loved learning a new technique totally out of my comfort zone and I loved sitting in our class room chit chatting and laughing with friendly faces. Can't wait for the next class! :)

I'm off to get some yard work done. We've got a front hedge and shrub that is OUT OF CONTROL! They've had mama birds nesting in them for the past couple of months but I'm pretty sure they're outta there now and I can't stand it anymore they need trimming once and for all so I hope they've flown the coop lol!

Have a great day and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Anonymous said…
He is adorable! Congrats on your new addition!
Anonymous said…
I love your newest family member - too cute! And that class looks like loads of fun!

I also wanted to let you know I've left an award for you on my blog♥

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