On the Road Again!

I'm on my mini and haven't yet pull my picture files over yet so this picture of my sweet boy acting goofy will have to do for today ;) Oh and never mind the baskets of laundry that need to be put away in the back ground :)

I'm at T minus I don't know how many hours until we head out for Indiana for the 4th and my show. I'm at that point where I'm starting to panic that I may not have enough when in actuality I have plenty and I just like to torment myself.

I'll be leaving my carts up on the website but putting the etsy shop into vacation mode till I get back and can take stock of what is still available, hopefully it won't be much! woot, woot!!! :)

and although I'll have very VERY limited Internet access (driving randomly into town to try and catch some free wifi lol!) and that usually gives me the shakes I'll be sure to return with lot's of fun pics to share and hopefully if you are in the Howe/Lagrange area or even Sturgis for that matter email me for directions and stop in and see me!!! We'll be at the front of Grand View Bend! Later Gators! and have a safe and fun 4th of July!!!


Anonymous said…
Good luck!

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