Lazy Summer Days

I don't usually go this long without checking in but we've just been enjoying the lazy Summer days. Catching up on orders, creating new things...

taking time out for playing and zipping down HUGE inflatable structures...
and best of all this past weekend my cousins from Toronto came down for a visit and we had the best time :) The next generation of cousins all played and chased each other around for 4 days and us grown ups enjoyed many MANY cocktails, old memories, jokes and TONS of great food.

(my cousin Joey and I)

This week is all about getting the house back in order and cuddling up with my little bear for lot's of Summer reading and FINALLY getting to see some of my plants bloom! I planted bulbs and just don't think I have patience for them, although I'm sure next year it'll all be worth it, right?
My little nugget is turning FOUR this week! We've been having fun going through pictures and scrapbooks (something I'm SOOOOOO glad I do!) I can't believe August is already here in a few days and I'm feeling like I'm scrambling to enjoy what's left of the Summer before school starts up. My baby will be in Pre-K! What? How'd that happen, where'd the time go?!
So before I get myself all worked up and emotional I'll get back to chatting about jewelry and beads and all that good stuff that you're probably waiting to hear about...This bracelet is an upcoming class that my friend Angela will be teaching at The BirdsNest Boutique. I'll be posting some better pictures soon and all the class details but it's such a fun piece to wear and I can't wait to learn how to make it! Details to come!


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