Whispers bangle style bracelet was created out of some of my favorite beads that I made last week. I love these colors so much and thought about putting the set up for specials but I couldn't get this bracelet out of my mind and sure enough when I sat down to play they strung up just as I had hoped. I'm going to try and make some more similar though because you guys never stood chance, I posted it to my facebook and it was gone in an instant! :) I love when that happens.
It was a large set though so I plan to make some earrings soon. Night night! Tomorrow I have something cute and sweet to share and it's most likely not what you think ;)


Anonymous said…
What a gorgeous set of beads, love them!! I didn't realize you were on FB. Would love to add you there but couldn't find a click through on your blog so let me know how to find you, thanks!♥

PS. Just posted a bracelet with one of your fab beads this week on Etsy, LOVE the colors!

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