TGIF...not really

I'm normally all for the weekend but with the hubby working both Sat. and Sun. I don't think it'll even really feel like much of a weekend. Noah and I will have us some adventures and fun in the sun though :) I'm looking forward to enjoying my back patio's and planting more goodies.

We spent the whole day yesterday re mulching all the beds and oh what difference especially the ones in the back, whew! Hopefully that'll save me a whole lot of weeding and more time enjoying myself and all the flowers and shrubs and veggies we planted instead ;)

More mulching happening next weekend when we rip out the last of the overgrown shrubs along the very back of the house. I've got my eye on two different types of hydrangeas I want to fill it with and maybe some lavender and azaleas. I've picked up a few nice sized lavenders to get in the ground this weekend. I'm trying to be somewhat strategic with them though as the bees LOVE them and I would like the bees to stay as far away from me as possible lol!

I love lavender but I'm gonna find a spot for them where I can enjoy them as much as the bees but without getting buzzed on ;) I'm hoping for some nice dried lavender bundles to enjoy indoors.

So anyhow, this preppy, mod and pretty bracelet is heading to my shop very soon! With maybe a pair of earrings to match, we'll see. With all these flowers making their way into my flower beds and pots I've got some new beady ideas floating around my head at the torch. I'll have some pretties to show soon :)


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