Finally Friday!

(fun in the sun...on Lake Michigan last weekend)

This weeks Sizzling Summer Special is Island Bound. Bright, colorful, gorgeous and fun and can be found HERE. VERY limited, fair warning...

I was lucky enough to be asked my one of my besties (Melissa) to create a vintage old Hollywood glam necklace for her to wear to her Mom Prom (How fun does that sound!?) and this is what I came up with.

and this is Sarah, she's one of my favorites from my Bridal Suite collection. I've been working on remaking all of my Bridal Suite pieces so I can update the pictures and the look of the pages in that section of my website, it's in the works, I'll let you know when it's done or almost done :) Oh! and I made some slight changes in some of the pieces too like shown in the picture above, I've decided it's nice to look glitzy and blinging from the back as well as the front so some of the necklaces now feature various blingy finishes at the clasp. Just tryin' to make you sparkle from every angle ;)

and in the mean time I'm ganna keep day dreaming and wishin' I was still sitting on the beach doing nothing but this...


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