Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sizzling Summer Special Kick Off!

Today I've got THREE ready to wear pieces featuring my handmade lampwork glass beads. I'm so tickled with the way they turned out! I decided to kick off my Sizzling Summer Special promo earlier than planned so you can take advantage of the promo with these 3 new pieces.
Sizzling Summer Specials are what I'll be doing every week whether I have something new to offer or not. New pieces will go up at a Sizzling Summer Special price and if I don't have anything new to offer then I'll be marking down certain pieces in my inventory at a Sizzling Summer price.

Remember, the prices are temporary so take advantage of them while you can and who know's, maybe next week something you've had your eye on for a while will be marked down to it's Sizzling Summer Special price ;)

Are you sick of me saying Sizzling Summer Special yet? lol! Ok I'll cut it out with the tongue twister and let you see these new pieces for yourselves :)

As for beads, if you are looking for a great variety to choose from and don't mind waiting 7-10 days be sure to swing by and have a look at my Worth the Wait page.

New Sizzling Summer Ready to Wear Special Bracelet are HERE!

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