Friday, May 29, 2009

Mini me

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week. The week seemed to fly by! I think it was because it was such a short week with the holiday. Busy, busy around here and happy birthday to me, I got me an HP mini and I'm LOVING it!
Tomorrow is Mending Day at BB. We've got our sewing and quilting extraordinaire Vicki who will be there doing a sewing and clothing fixing clinic teaching how to mend and fix, hem and stitch and all those good basics as well as some tricky things like zippers. 8736 Swan Creek Rd in Newport Michigan stop out and see us!
We've been having quite the adventure at The BirdsNest Boutique this week. The super strong winds have created a gap under the roof line in the back corner of the building and birds have been nesting in the there and a few have somehow traveled through and into the wall in the back and it just so happens to be where there used to be a pipe from the wall and under the sink so guess who have been popping in for visits whenever we open the cabinet door? yep you guessed it some of the cutest fluffiest new birdies we've ever seen. We've fixed the problem now but boy oh boy as cute a they are it can be quite nerve racking the ruckus they make when they want out lol! and getting them out and through the shop and out the door, well that's an adventure all on it's own lol! Our neighbor Glenn came to our rescue today and just picked the two little tweety friends that showed up today right up in his hand and set them free for us. So anyhow I think that will be the last of our feathered friends getting in the way they have been. I'll show a few pictures soon as I get them from Robin.

I've got pictures to upload and edit and then I'll show you some new goodies that are coming soon to the shop! Have a great weekend and don't forget to take advantage of my BIG SALE. Sale ends tonight at Midnight! I'm so glad it was such a hit and I'm working really hard to get all the orders out in a timely manner :)

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