clippy's and charms

Man, I'm really failing at being more creative with my blog post titles lately lol! But anyways, these crown clippy's are a new addtion to my TwinkleTots collection. I also have a few other patterns that will be going up shortly but this pink and brown is just too sweet and the crowns make them even sweeter yet! :) Charm School is up and ready to go! This HUGE chain bracelet comes with 3 dangly french inspired charms.

and a nice big lobster clasp keeps everything in proper porportion ;)

This one is available on my Bracelets page but will be going up on my Etsy shop this evening. It's very vintage and OOAK (one of a kind) so once it's gone that's it, no more.

I have been soldering all day. Lot's of pretty, pretty pendants coming soon!!!
and if you'd like to see what fabulous artisan we're featuring this week over at The BirdsNest click here!



Anonymous said…
Ok, yes it's been far too long since I stopped by and I hope things are going well with the new store and you're enjoying it all! Hugs♥

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