Oh Sunny Day

We have been enjoying some seriously warm and terrific weather the past few days! Whew! it feels good to have the windows open all day and all night and the fan and breeze (it's been SUPER windy, strong winds!) finally clearing out the stale air we've been stewing around in all winter long. Everything is turning green or blooming already. My Hydrangeas are full of new shoots, I'm so excited to see the type of blooms I get out of them this year. They were brand new and I planted them really late in the season I was starting to worry they didn't survive the harsh winter. Now I'm waiting to see how the Hibiscus do. So much work do to in the yard still. Little by little though. Spent today cleaning the front beds of leaves and yucky stuff. The one side of our house needs serious help. It's like a vortex gets created every time it storms or is windy an enormous amounts of leaves pile up and I do mean PILE and they come from all over, every one's yards!

Ok so enough about all my yard work, I know you're probably here to look Pretty Shiny Things after all that is the name of my blog so onward and upward. I've got pictures to take and upload. A fun lampwork bracelet that I finished up in time to debut at my Networking Night the other night and lot's of earrings. Gosh, I love making earrings! I love wearing earrings, I love collecting earrings. Earrings are just fun and inexpensive and easy to change out as often as you like. So in the mean time enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'm gonna keep plugging away at the yard work and adding new things to the site! Check back soon!


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