Grand Opening

What a HUGE success! whew! I only managed to pick up my camera a few times when we slowed down for short (very short) spurts between packs of customers so these are all the pictures I managed. I really wish I would have been able to take more especially when twice we had so many people in line the line went straight back and curved along the perimeter of the shop! very exciting!

Our first sale of the day...I had to say bye bye to my first Owl pillow but my little customer promised me she'd take good care of him :) (see her hiding behind her mommy? she was a cutie!)

right before opening, we were looking a little wind blown and it was such a beautiful day but the sun made for some squinty pics lol!

Trying not to block the door sign but we should have gotten a pic in front of our window sign and hopefully soon we'll be able to take a pic in front with our shutters and window flower boxes and building sign and possibly and pretty little awning ;)
We're trying real hard not to squint long enough for a semi decent pic lol! Hooray! We're open! :)
You can read more about it at our BirdsNest Boutique Blog. We attempted some live blogging but that didn't work out so well. We totally we not expecting to be as busy as we were. Never underestimate and off the beaten path, small town location. We are right off the expressway across from gas stations and fast food and even travelers need to get out and stretch their legs and shop a little, right? lol!


Anonymous said…
So happy to hear that it went so well! I double-booked myself (again!) so I wasn't able to make it to the grand opening but I will definitely be stopping by soon. Congrats!
Marianna said…
We were wondering where you were lol! Stop in and see us soon!!!

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