Friday, April 03, 2009

Etsy it up!

I just received the nicest write up on Celeste's blog Etsy it up! She features etsy artisans and their work writing wonderful reviews on products and shops and I'm really excited she chose my shop today! It's definitely a blog you'll want to bookmark because it's full of eye candy, great links to terrific items and shops and you'll definitely find something you fall in love with and may not have found yourself. It's so great to have the support of friends like Celeste who truly believe in buying and supporting handmade. Thank you so much Celeste!!!

Whew! TGIF! This week was another busy week, but busy is a good thing and I feel very fortunate that you guys are keeping me so busy :) Thank you so much for all your orders I'm working away to get every one's goodies done and shipped this weekend.

This bag shown here is a Lillie Beth Co. creation. Rachael is the talented creator of lot's of Lillie Beth Co. accessories and purses. Even diaper bags! Her items are featured in our shop The BirdsNest Boutique located in Newport Michigan. Our grand opening party is Saturday, April 18th starting at noon! If you or anyone you know are in the SE Michigan area be sure to stop by for some shopping (it's all handmade items!) snacks and refreshments, goodies and giveaways and to say Hi of course! :) If you or anyone you know makes handmade goods and would like to consign with us, contact us! We'd love to hear from you. The shop is FULL of handmade goodness from artisans both local and far and no two items or artisan's styles are alike, that's the beauty of handmade! ;)

Ok time to skedaddle and get back to work. I've spent the last half hour (before sitting down to blog) taking pictures of a pack of 6 deer grazing and galloping around the front of my house in the field! They're so beautiful I could watch them all day! I hope they stay off the roads, that always makes me so nervous, not just because of the dangers they pose to drivers and the damage they can cause but it's just always so sad to see them laying by the roadside :(
Ok I so easily get off track don't I? lol! Later gators!


Celeste said...

Thanks so much Marianna! So sweet. I just posted another giveaway too, so everyone - go enter! :)

Miss Mapp said...

Just to wish you and the family Marianna a happy happy Easter. Hope the holiday is filled with quality time for you all.

Marianna said...

Thank you so much! Happy Easter to you too!