what day is it anyways?

Noah: Mommy I love that heart necklace you made it's beautiful!
a million times a day this kid makes me laugh and smile with the things he says and does :) and he's always spotting little treats like this in the most un thought of places. I should have taken a wide shot so you can see the jumbled, scattered, crazy mess that this was all sitting in the middle of and he just walks right up and spots it :)

I never tire of flowers can you tell? Here's another flora creation...pearls, faceted aventurine, copper beads, big beautiful cream fabric flower with a little vintage surprise in the center...

I love the work and detail that goes into cloisonne. The colors are always gorgeous and just seem to pop and these turquoise drops are my latest simple pleasure favorite. This pair below includes vintage antique brass birds in flight and the ones further down are just a simple single drop.

A color combo I just love for upcoming Spring and Summer. There's that turquoise again!

Just another shot of that necklace I love so much ;)

again, simple yet colorful is the theme earring designs for me this week. These beautiful pink speckled handmade lampwork glass lentil drops hang from bali silver tubes and sterling silver handmade ear wires.

The simple turquoise drops I mentioned above...

I feel all jumbled up this week like where did the week go?! I didn't realize it was already Wednesday (almost Thursday) but now you see what I've been so busy working on...as a matter of fact there is actually more but I've got hair color in my hair that needs to be washed out and color splotchy spots on my forehead (nice) that I should probably start scrubbing ;) More tomorrow!


Anonymous said…
Oh I love your creations, they're all so beautiful and obviously Noah has impeccable taste! ;-) Aren't they just the best?!? Hope your week slowed down, hair came out nice and the blotchies are gone. ;-)
Marianna said…
Thank you Sharon! hasn't slowed down yet but thank goodness it's the weekend lol!

Color turned out good and any remaining splotches are faded and conveniently covered by bangs lol! :)

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