Ringing it in

Anyone else drool over Angelina Jolie's Emerald earrings and ring from the Oscars? Here's my affordable version of that big beautiful ring :) What makes mine all the better? It's vintage AND more importantly it's several million dollars cheaper ;) Here, take a look...Here's another vintage beauty that I finished up last week. Beautiful textured, polished gold tone in a wave style that reminds me a bit like a fortune cookie or clam shell. Both of these are gorgeous in detail right down to the fully adjustable wide band they sit on.

I've spent the day swimming in beautiful pearls and crystals and vintage bits creating a pretty, shiny bridal set for a friend who's tyeing the knot in a couple of weeks! I LOVE pearls! I've got an Alchemy request I'm working on that is full of pearls too! I'll give you a peek at both soon.


Dave Robertson said…
Hi Marianna, I love seeing affordable versions of upscale jewelry and I've got to say you did a wonderful job.

at Rings & Things
Marianna said…
Thanks so much Dave!

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