lazy sunday not so much...

The weekend started out with some really awesome weather. Sunny days but chilly breeze, no complaints here, it's better than snow, right? We headed out and hit up the hot dog, it's freezing and snowing as I type ::sigh::

Our house is 3300 sq ft spread out over many levels. It's riddled with stairs at every turn but only 5 at a time so it doesn't bother us any however with a little one this mean that we have quite a collection of baby gates and today I removed the last two. We had one at each end that's why that 2x 4 is zip tied to my staircase lol! Noah will be 4 in July and has long mastered stairs since he was about 2 however, I'm very paranoid about a lot of things and kids on stairs is one of them. I figure when or if we decide to have another I'll have some time yet to break out all the baby gates again :)
Neck corsage chokers coming soon and in lot's of colors!

Here's a sneak peek at how the shop is coming along! I LOVE it! and I'll be giving some sneak peeks at all the wonderful merchandise very soon as well. We have been having such a good time meeting all of our local artisans. We wish all of our out of town and out of state artisans consigning with us lived close enough to meet up with too. An entire shop filled with handmade goodies is a feeling unlike no other!
and just to confirm that I may indeed have totally lost my mind, here is a spiney bead weaving bracelet I'm working on just for fun. I've never done any bead weaving...NONE! It's slow going but it looked easy and doable in the magazine. It's a bit trance inducing very much like knitting once you get a rhythm going. My friend Angela is a whiz at bead weaving. Makes the most gorgeous pieces. She'll be selling them in the shop soon so I'll share some pics. She'll be teaching some techniques for us too. I'll share the class info once all the details are worked out but I can assure you I will be the first student to sign up, I'm so excited!!!! :)

studio cat #1 chasing my runaway beads...

Did you have a good weekend?


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