A whole lotta everything

It's so rainy and gloomy the past 2 days. Definitely days to stay in and create :) I think the only thing missing from my massive shoe collection is a pair of wellies. I can't get enough of black and white and damask so these instantly caught my eye ;) My early spring cleaning has slowly come to a halt as I've been busy sourcing tons of vintage goodies including these sweet little treats that I recently added to the Etsy Shop over at My Fred & Ginger. TEENY!!! and oh so cute!
Hey! This necklace would match my boots! lol! This fabulous West Germany metal enamel flower pin just could NOT be passed up. I instantly new what I was going to do with it, pin it right onto a strand of vintage black beads that I've had in my personal collection for 10+years (easily.)

Here's another BIG bold pretty that I can't bring myself to part with. I feel like I should wear a crown when I wear this lol! It's insanely fabulous and not only look great with my necklace (above) but you'd be surprised how natural and fun it actually looks worn with just jeans and a t-shirt. Fun! very fun! I have more big fun vintage rings heading to the website very, very soon! I'll keep you posted on that update.

That past couple of weeks I've been back to making pillows. I think it's a seasonal thing all the new fabric colors and patterns come out ushering in the turn of the season and I'm am sooooo ready for spring and bright and cheeriness. Last night N and I made chocolate cupcakes and then I decided to make just one more...

and a few days ago after my teeny tiny owl earring discovery this one just had to be made...

and last week these two came to fruition...

Family tree, with 2 big birds and 1 baby bird ;) and a sweet little shabby cottage house using the last of my most favorite shabby rose fabric that I now cannot seem to find anywhere and I can't remember who made it or anything, eeeeek!!! (Note: the other pillows in the back were made by an etsy artisan that I cannot remember her shop name off the top of my head but if you ask I'd be more than happy to look it up.)

I also scored some Transformers fabric for N and made him a big pillow and I think some jammies will be next. And the pillow craze continues because I think they'll be a great addition up at the boutique .

Have a great day! I've got a beautiful new necklace in the works so maybe if I finish it up today I'll be back to post a sneak peek ;)


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