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Fair warning this post contains lot's of pictures. I personally think that all posts should contain lot's of pictures, it's what makes all my favorite blogs (over <-----there) my favorites, but that's just me ;) Noah's first bowling experience was a hoot! He loved it and bowled a 50 the first game and 52 the second game. We had a few tears at the very end because he want to keep the shoes lol!I can't tell if that's my nephew Nathan (the birthday boy) or Giovanni, both of them had similar ball throwing styles ;)
I keep staring out my kitchen doors day dreaming of sipping my coffee out on the balcony with a magazine and watching N play and run around but as you can see that's a long ways off still :(

I'm a snow lovin' gal but this winter has been the worst that I can remember and it started before Thanksgiving making it seem REALLY long already and also has anyone seen my car? lol!
Thank goodness for keeping our truck in the garage,right lol! This car shown (sort of) is currently out of commission anyways.

This week I've discovered this new book The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule and holy smokes do I ever LOVE it! We've been trying out all sorts of activities from it and it's awesome! So much fun! Amanda has a blog that I'm officially addicted to (who me? addicted to another blog? big surprise there, right? lol!) and I'm just totally in awe of this Mother of 4 with her zen like story telling style and her craftiness. Just reading her blog and book boosts my creativity and her sense of calm seems to mellow me out :)

I *HEART* target. Oh I'm sorry are you sick of hearing me say that all the time? Well it's true! Check out what my hubby found for me. He knows I love my big mugs but this one is all the more rockin' because it also fall under the categories of my love of anything birds, nests, Owls, pink and green.

It always make me smile. I even leave it out on the counter so I can walk by and admire it all day :) Can you see the whimsical bead inspiration happening in my head?

Yup I'm fairly certain that once I get caught up on the beachy bead orders you can expect some Owl beads to hit the scene, but in the mean time enjoy these sweet bead shoppe specials!

Oh and one last thing before I dive into a big pile of laundry. Here's a snap of the first pair of finished upcycled, out grown pants turned shorts and since this pic was taken I've even added a decorative monkey patch on the front pocket.

Later gators!


Gina2424 said…
Cute bowling pics! Your beads are sooo darling! I still haven't done anything with the sea/starfish/etc., beads I got from your or the Goth Girls from Melanie because I just can't stand to commit!
Marianna said…
Thanks Gina! and that's too funny because I know just what you mean. I have several treasures in my stash that I keep taking out, playing around with...oooohh I wanna do this with it... and then I chicken out thinking I might want to use them a different way :)
I can't wait to see what you create with them though!
Anonymous said…
Wow! Loads to catch up with and I've been dreadful at making the blog rounds this week, ugh!

Ah, I remember the first time the boys went bowling what a blast! Only they didn't have those cool shoes, although probably a good thing since we avoided the tears. ;-)

Ah, who wouldn't love Target' (as we call it *snicker*) and that mug is too sweet (or is that toot sweet, hah!)!

I can't believe all the snow you've had and how much is on the ground, wow! We've hardly had any so you must've been getting yours AND some of ours.

Have a fabulous weekend!♥

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