Rain brings more flowers

Woke up to a super rainy and gloomy day today but I had nothing but bright cheery flowers on the brain so off I went to "Sew" some seeds ;) These are my new vintage fabric corsage cuff bracelets that I've been working on the past couple of days. It started out with me sewing some appliques and cutting more faux cuffs for some of Noah's too short pants and I tossed aside some scraps and a lightbulb seemed to go off in my head. Ya know that feeling? and then when I finished it I thought it was pretty darn cute and comfy to wear and so I decided to include it with my friend Melissa's b- day gift because the whole time I was making it I totally had her in mind and sure enough she loved it. I had made myself one as well and have been wearing it for days now while working on these two new ones.
Over the years I've tried my hand at seed beading but just can't seem to get the hang of it or complete anything. Ever seen those wide band cuffs all made in seed beads? They're GORGEOUS and so full of detail. I love big, bold, chunky pieces. My cousin Rosa had made me a big leather cuff that she stamped for me years ago and I still wear it. There's just something about a good comfy but big cuff that I like and these have a feminine and floral flare to them.

I've also been working on revamping my Bridal Suite to include flowers (of course) but also just new styles with a vintage flare. Since most of what I use is vintage, brides will be able to wear them as their "Something Old" :)

I opened up another package full of more supplies and new components today and guess what was inside? More Flowers!! Flowers of a slightly different kind though...you'll see! I'm off to play with pretty shiny things some more! Have a great day!

PS. Click on the pictures to be redirected to their full listings and more info.


Anonymous said…
Oh I'm a HUGE fan of flowers (obviously *winks) and just love these new designs!

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