It's all about flowers

I'm working on getting a lot of new pieces up in my site. I've been so inspired by flowers lately I don't know if it's cabin fever and all the daydreaming I've been doing about warmer weather or if it's all the fabulous colors and trends I'm seeing in all the magazine. Here's a look at what I've been working on this week. I'll send out an email in a couple of days once they've all been added.

Purple and green have been calling to me lately.

Almost all of these pieces were created using all or mostly all vintage bits. Recycling, it's a beautiful thing, right?

My latest vintage collage locket ring reminds me of a birds nest, maybe it's just me :)
I'm off to go lose myself in pile of craft books. I can't get enough of the fabrics and making my own fabric flowers and including textiles into my work. I've been seeing it online and in magazines and now I know why! It's seriously so much fun!
Noah's got himself a pile of funny children's books from the library and it's quite fun laying on the floor surrounded by books. He enjoys peeping over to checkout some of my books as well ;)


Dave Robertson said…
Nicely photographed, Marianna. All those flowers and birds' nests are making me impatient for spring. Guess I'll spend the time reading your blog while I wait... :)

at Rings & Things
Marianna said…
Thanks Dave both for the very nice comment and the visit!

I figure a little wishfull thinking never hurt maybe if I keep up with the springy designs Mother Nature will start to feel the pressure lol! :)
Anonymous said…
Love the Spring colors of all these pieces - just gorgeous!!
Stacey Schafer said…
Your jewelry designs are wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration in my paper-crafting world:)

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