Welcome to 2009

Unreal how fast 2008 went by! So welcome to 2009 I'm hoping it brings many more blessings, good times, lot's of laughs, another successful year and overall goodness. Tomorrow I'm semi de-Christmas-ing my house. The big tree goes back into hibernation till November and slowly there after the rest of the holiday decorations follow. Here's a few pics of some favorite ornaments, new joolz, vintage goodness and my little sweet cheeks enjoying the holiday season :) My favorite Harry Potter ornament of Harry and Snape, it fits over a tree light for special effect ;)
Some soldered collage pendants coming soon! One for the Queen of Everything...

and another for "You & Me" (that's what it's called) Both were created piecing together bits of fancy papers, foreign stamps and some stamping embellishments.

These classic beauties just made their way up in my vintage shop at www.myfredandginger.com where you'll also find lot's of other vintage goodies and most everything has been marked down to make room for new old goodies ;)

My little pink tree, nativity scene, pink sequin cone tree and collection of snowmen and snow gals through my house will remain for a while longer. I'm not quite ready to box them up just yet.

CEO Noah hard at work lol! He loves to sit in my mom's home office and pretend like he's working. My mom (Broker/Owner) even had a little Century 21 Allstar shirt made up for him and he'll put that on and tell me that it's time to go show houses with Daddy (who's also an agent.)

Finally got him to pose at my parents house for Christmas with their tree.

The best part of my nativity scene ;)

So long big tree, see you in 11 months!

Last year was the year of the hot wheels, this year is the year of the Transformers. Dang are those ever hard to transform or what?! Some how I have a feeling Joe and I will be old pros within a few months time ;)
So there was our holidays in nutshell. I know I said I'd take the week off but I have a few orders that are ready to ship out tomorrow and a couple of bead orders I'd like to get out of the way and on their way so I can work on new things to kick off the new year. Be sure to scroll down and enter my bloggy giveaway. It ends on Jan. 3rd. I've been getting so many awesome entries I don't know how I will ever make up my mind! You guys rock!
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Anonymous said…
Oh Marianna, all of the holiday photos are so beautiful! Noah is so handsome and yes those transformers are a beast! Your decorations were just gorgeous, I loved everything!

I didn't realize Joe is in real estate. Used to work in RE for 8 years in California, ah, those where the days,LOL!

Have a great weekend dear friend♥

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