Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Smell the aroma cat lovers!

My friend Robin who is the owner and genius behind Pillows of Lavender is kicking of the New Year with some awesome new prints. I just loved this Calico Kitties one so much I had to share! In case you haven't heard me gush about how much I LOVE all of my Pillows of Lavender products that she creates click on my POL links to have a look around for yourself. Even if you arne't a fan of lavender she has other scents that can be used and you'll still get the healthy, feel good benefits from the product, they're truely amazing and feel Oh so good to use for all sorts of ailments or just to relax and warm up! I stand behind the 100% I can't even tell you all the times they've helped with headaches, migraines, sinus trouble, colds, aches, pains, bumps and scraps, cramps (oh lala does it ever make them feel better!) and I even just toss them in the microwave to cozy up with on a cold winter day instead of plugging in the heating blanket.

Robin is also going to be running a contest on the POL blog soon too so I'll give you a heads up when that starts.

Click on either banner to have a look for yourself and read up on all the wonderful benefit and other interesting tidbits about herbal uses.

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Anonymous said...

How lovely Marianna, I've never heard of the wonderful site. I'm off to check it out...