Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sew Sew Good!

I've been contemplating my next quilt...Heather Bailey or Amy Butler? I'll let you know what I decide and when the fabric arrives I'll be sure to share pics!
I've been in a major sewing mood lately. Normally I'll be sewing up something little here and there at least several times a month but I'm at the point where I really want to start a project again. I've been converting Noah's pants to summer wear this week. I've decided to take his pants that still fit in the waist but no longer in the length (this kid is growing tall like you wouldn't believe!!) and cut them off board shorts length (love that longish manpri or rather boypri length!) and then add an oversized hem/cuff to the bottom in a fun kiddie fabric and I gotta say they are looking super cute! I'm just sort of winging it so I'm noticing easier ways to do certain steps with each leg hole to make the fabric cuff without puckering. A really simple and fun project and being that it's so super duper freezing cold out and we aren't leaving the house much Noah's wearing his new summer threads around the house already lol! Also, I have a few plain iron on patches that I'm going to zig zag stitch some matching fabric to and then iron on to a pocket or a thigh. I'll be posting pics soon! Fun stuff! Nothing like spending cold winter days cozied up with fun projects. Noah's been on a painting spree lately. It's all he wants to do all day long. Pictures, little wooden derby cars, wooden plaques, chip board, construction paper, we even found this cool derby car mold that you fill with plaster of paris and then pop wheels on it and paint it up. I'm telling ya we are one crafty household this month, more so than usual :) And it sure does warm my heart to see him enjoying doing all the things I did at that age.

PS. Here's a beachy special for my beady lovin' peeps! (I'll post more on it later) Enjoy!

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