pack away, purge and lists

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Where did the weekend go? We celebrated 2 birthdays (my uncle's and my brother in law's) got in several days of puppy dog cuddles and kisses. Oscar Sassylashes (that's even what his birth cirtificate says hehe!) is getting bigger and having a blasts running after the kids. He's also found another favorite spot, riding all cuddled up inside my jacket and once he's in there he does NOT want out lol! He is totally 100% lapdog :) I need to get some recent pics posted he's super adorable and my parents are really loving having him around.

Today I'm waiting on some glass shipments so I can finish up 2 beads for an order. TWO!!! I hate when I'm delayed on such a small amount, it's just-so-close!

I'm cleaning the studio (update: it's looking better already whew!) Everything in it's place and place for everything.

I'm purging pantry's, a few more closets and finally starting to slowly take down more Christmas stuff. The remaining garland and lights are packed away, a few snowmen are boxed up, however, pink tree remains as well as pink sequin bling cone tree. I'm not quite ready to see them go just yet :)

We've got some new big updates happening over at Moms In Business! Do you run your own business, direct sales or handcrafted items? MIB is now open to the public and not just local anymore we're expanding to allow networking for ALL Moms who are in business! We have a great forum with lot's of interesting articles, blogs and members networking and chatting about our businesses and everyday stuff so if you are interested in that sort of thing swing on over there and check it out! It's a great place to promote yourself and your business.

Ok it's back to cleaning for me. I keep skipping around from one task to another and not quite finishing up any particular thing on my list and I LOVE checking things off my lists, very satisfying lol!

Oh and one last thing! Check out my friend Sharon's 1000th jewelry piece creation that she just completed and celebrated on her blog for her giveaway! It includes my lampwork glass beads as well as another super talented glass artist! Could I be anymore honored? I don't think so! Her work is so gorgeous and wire wrapping technique is so unique and makes our beads look like supermodels, Thank you Sharon!!


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