More Valentine's Goodness!

Just popping in to let you know that we've got a new Valentine's Freebie happening over at when you sign up for our newsletter! Moms Need Pampering is a great new venture for me that I've joined in with my friend Robin to help promote not only fashion and style products for mom's but also for great family fun activities and crafts. A one stop resource for everything for moms is what we're striving for. Feel free to use these banners and buttons to promote this free Valentines family fun report on your blog! Click on either banner to check it out!

We've had a full, fun and busy day of soccer games and fun, family bowling for my nephews birthday and I'm beat! I'm heading off to relax the rest of the night and finally finish a scarf Noah that I started a few weeks ago and start a new knitty project. I'm not sure what I feel like making next, I'll let you know!


Anonymous said…
Cool deal! Just stoppin' by, sorry for being MIA. Hope you're doing well, I've been swimming in business taxes, ugh! Have a fab week!♥
Marianna said…
oh yucky tax time! We'll be working on our next week. I always dread it I think because it makes me feel so disorganized and all those boxes make me feel like I'm going crosseyed ;)

I'm looking forward to warmer weather and slowing down and enjoying the warmer weather. That's what I keep telling myself evertime I have to leave the house or look outside lol!

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