Monday! Let's start the week!

Where did the time go? I haven't been around since Tuesday but it didn't seem like it, whoops! I'm playing nurse to two patients, hubby and then poor little N who has had strep throat, finished his antibiotics but he's still all cackly cough with a bit of fever so it might be back to the doctors for him. Lot's of movies and board games happening around here ;)

I tried out fabulous Heather's Valentine craft and I'll be sharing how my version turned out! I think it's perfect to keep out year round for all those antique lovin' shabby chic-ers so there are rooms in my house that this fun little piece will move around and visit throughout the year :) Heather is amazing and just oozes all sort of talent!

The weekend was spent trying to stay warm lol! No joke! it's been sub zero temps all last week and it looks like it's not going to warm up much this week either. I LOVE snow but I need good winter weather like in the 30's or 40's so I can at least enjoy sitting out in the snow and playing with N but it's just been way to cold. Yesterday I headed out to a baby shower for my cousin Ryan and his fiance, they're expecting their first! A baby girl! I love baby showers they're always fun.

Today I'm going to finally work on getting the pictures of some of the new necklace pieces edited and uploaded. That's the plan anyways :) at the very least I'll be back with a sneak peek because I really love the way they turned out. I'll also be posting a weekly special! I'll be back in a bit, stop back in and check up on me later!


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